Join and Student Directory Update

PTO MEMBERSHIP – Please support your PTO!

Welcome to Greensview! If you are contemplating joining the PTO:

  • Annual dues are $20 per family.  There are no other formal requirements to be a member, and everyone is welcome.
  • Receive FREE access to the online Greensview Student Directory including children’s names, email, phone, and addresses so you can reach out to other families if desired.
  • Volunteering is not mandatory.  If you choose, you can volunteer on any of several committees, attend the monthly PTO meetings, or choose to keep up-to-date through our Facebook page and website.  The PTO is always looking for more volunteers and we certainly hope you will consider spending some time with us.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you at our events throughout the year!  

CLICK HERE to Join the PTO and/or update your information in the Student Directory

When you click on the link above it will have you search by last name and your email to see if you are in the directory alread.  If you provided your information to the school district at registration, you are in the directory already.  You can have MySchoolAnywhere send you a link to log in to view/update your information and to join the PTO.  One you have joined the PTO, you will have access to the directory.

If you are a PTO member you should have access to the MySchoolAnywhere site.  If you had an account login from last year and never used it or have forgotten your password, you can go to the MySchoolAnywhere website or app and click “Forgot Password”.  Usernames and passwords will not change from year to year.  You will just continue to receive access each year upon re-joining the PTO.

Please do login and confirm your information is still correct online.  You can also edit your own information online (phone, address, e-mail, etc.) and even control what is viewable by others.  You can also add teacher names if you would like so it makes it easier for other parents to find all the children in a classroom for birthday party invitations, for example.

There are convenient phone apps for MySchool Anywhere available through the Apple Store as well as through Google Play.  You use the same username and password on these apps as on the website.

Questions?  Contact Kari Watts, Membership/Directory chair, at