PTO Committee Descriptions

After School Adventure:

Chairperson (potentially with help of subcommittees and/or co-chairs) is responsible for securing After School Adventure classes (i.e. art, magic, sports, chess), parent volunteers, and making sure Background Checks for instructors and volunteers are completed.  Currently, we run Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions.  Chair works with office to schedule classrooms to use.  Chair works with Website/Treasurers to make online registration live. Time Commitment: MEDIUM throughout the year, requires some presence during ASA class time (i.e. 3-5pm).

Art Endowment/Artist in Residency:

Coordinating available funds from the UA Education Foundation (UAEF) Fund and soliciting funds from families as needed to spend on ANY art related activity/experience for the students (i.e. guest musician or artist to work with the students during specials).  Additionally, we frame 2 pieces of student artwork each year, chosen by blind vote during a spring PTO meeting and presented at the last Town Meeting.  Time Commitment: LOW, mainly in the spring.

Book Fair:

The co-chairs select and work with the book company to arrange the sale.  They will confirm dates and classroom space with the Principal.  They promote the event through PTO email, social media, etc. They handle the book sales with scheduled volunteers through sign-up genius, including set up and tear down.  Time Commitment: LOW, except HIGH during scheduled Book Fair, which generally occurs in February.

Consumer Earnings:

Box Tops: Promote collection periods and organize incentives to top collecting classes. Organize and count box top labels and submit for revenue. Collections generally occur in October and February and may require volunteer helpers for cutting and counting.  Time Commitment: LOW, except HIGH when collecting and counting.

Dining Out: Chairperson may plan a restaurant/shopping fundraising event monthly where the PTO gets a portion of sales back (examples, Raising Canes, Marco’s Pizza, Nothing Bundt Cakes, etc.).  Involves promoting the events through flyers, email and social media, and coordinating picking up donation. Time Commitment: LOW, spread throughout the year.

Giant Eagle/Kroger/AmazonSmile (may be different Chairpersons): Forward information to parents about reenrollment time each year and encourage new families to enroll. Verify when the PTO has received donations.  Time Commitment: LOW, emphasis at the beginning of the school year.

Cultural Arts:

Chairperson meets with Principal in the fall to determine what programs will be offered and possible dates.  The Chairperson books the programs and submits invoices when needed for deposits.  The Chairperson also forwards any set up information to Principal/Custodial staff for the day of the event.  They also make sure that any payment is ready for the artist when he/she arrives at school. Time Commitment: LOW to MEDIUM depending on the programing selection, spread throughout the year.

Dad’s Club:

Chairperson reaches out by email to any Dads that signed up at Back to school Event.  He sends them brief PTO meeting minutes and gets volunteers when needed for school projects (i.e. grounds beautification).  Time Commitment: LOW, spread throughout the year, can be more if Chairperson choses to add additional activities.

Display Case:

Chairperson choses theme and content and sets up display case, changing each month.  Many committees use it to display upcoming events.  Chairperson can reach out to upcoming event chair people to see if they want the space and if not put seasonal items in it for display. Time Commitment: LOW, spread throughout the year.

Election Day Bake Sale:

The Bake Sale Chairperson secures donations of baked goods from families to be sold to voters at the Greensview Poll locations (no school in session) on Election Day.  Donations of baked goods are collected through PTO email, half sheet home, and social media.  Chairperson creates a sign-up genius for volunteers and oversees the bake sale throughout Election Day.   Time Commitment: LOW, a few weeks leading up to the sale and Election Day.


Chairperson posts updates on our PTO Facebook Page and encourages families to “Like” Greensview PTO page. Requests for Facebook updates are sent via the PTO website with all necessary information for post. Time Commitment: MEDIUM, especially leading up to special events. Updates can be done on your own schedule but are time sensitive in most cases so need to check emails frequently.

Fall Family Fun Night:

Chairperson arranges an afternoon of entertainment, food, games, and/or activities for students and their families.  Chairperson (potentially with help of subcommittees and/or co-chairs) organizes event and volunteers with sign-up genius. They secure and turn in all invoices to be paid. Time Commitment: HIGH during end of summer and early fall (event is usually on a Friday late afternoon in the first half of October), pre-planning can begin during the school year.

Field Day:

Chairperson (potentially with help of subcommittees and/or co-chairs) arranges games, equipment, volunteers, etc. for Field Day, traditionally held on the last day of school. Time Commitment: MEDIUM starting in the spring and HIGH immediately preceding event and day of.  

Fifth Grade Activities:

Chairperson (potentially with help of subcommittees and/or co-chairs) arranges entertainment, food, volunteers, shirts, etc. for 5th Grade party, traditionally held on the second to last day of school. They secure and turn in all invoices to be paid.  Time Commitment: LOW in the fall, MEDIUM in the spring, HIGH on the day of the event.  

Food Safety/Allergy Awareness: 

Chairperson works closely with the school nurse to establish best practices for food safety and allergy awareness. Also works closely with Room Parent Coordinator to offer suggestions to parents on ways to celebrate birthdays and class parties that promote safety and inclusion for all. Time Commitment: LOW, spread throughout the year.

Fundraising Committee: NEW

Committee would be comprised of representatives from the major annual fundraisers (such as The Walk for Greensview and The Mane Event), PTO Presidents, and other members that would help to coordinate the fundraising to avoid duplication of efforts and to maximize relationships with area businesses and families that provide sponsorships and donations to the PTO.  The committee would also evaluate new fundraising opportunities as needed.  Time Commitment: LOW except for the first year when setting up the committee and at the beginning of each school year to set the plan for the year.

Grounds Beautification:

Chairs are responsible for planting the outdoor pots and beds in the fall and spring and repainting playground surfaces as needed.  Over the years, Girl Scout troops have offered to plant perennials/bulbs in the flower beds.  In addition, the chairs move and split the plants around the Greensview Rock. Time Commitment: LOW except for preparation for first day of school, work can be spread out through volunteers and soliciting help from Dad’s Club.

Halloween Candy/Winter Coat Collection:

Chairperson is responsible for spreading the word to parents about the candy and winter coat collections. The chair can decide collection day(s) and where to donate/send the collected candy and coats (some offer donations back to the PTO for candy donations). In the past, items were collected in boxes in front lobby at school. Potential to add an end of the year school supply collection. Time Commitment: LOW and isolated to a few hours around Halloween and winter collection day, generally following Thanksgiving break.

Historian: NEW

Goal would be to have one historian for every grade level that would work together as a committee to memorialize the year through photos to be used for the yearbook as well as Fifth Grade Activities. Time Commitment: LOW, would ideally attend or designate a photographer at class parties, grade level special events, and other activities throughout the year.


Chair is responsible for supplying refreshments and desired decorations for Breakfast at the Barn (August), Parent Info Night (August), Kindergarten Parent Info Night (August), State of the Schools (January) and New Kindergarten Info Night (February). Time Commitment: HIGH in August, LOW during the rest of the year.

Kindergarten Lunch Bunch:

Chairperson is responsible for organizing Kindergarten lunch program, usually in the winter and/or spring. Lunch program allows AM and PM Kindergarten students to eat a packed lunch with classmates and additional play time, thus extending their day. Requires organizing volunteers and coordinating with ASA Chair for sign ups. Time Commitment: LOW except MEDIUM when setting up sessions.

Levy Liaison: NEW

Chairs will be in contact with November 2017 Upper Arlington Schools Levy committee to keep PTO updated and to determine ways the PTO can support the Levy. Time Commitment: LOW

MANE Event:
Chair (potentially with help of subcommittees and/or co-chairs) arranges an evening of adult-only entertainment including food, music, silent auction, etc. Chairperson selects location, coordinates online registration (with website chair and treasurers) and organizes volunteers with sign-up genius. They secure and turn in all invoices to be paid. Time Commitment: HIGH during month of event and planning period (event is usually on a weekend evening in late February).


Chairperson is responsible for soliciting and compiling PTO Memberships.  Collects the names of online memberships through the School Supply Sale (from SSS Chair), collects any online purchases of membership from the PTO website, and also collects names from families that purchase memberships at back to school.  Messages can be sent home to join the PTO through email blasts, Facebook, etc.  May need to coordinate with the district to get updated family information. Time Commitment: LOW except for beginning of the school year.

Pancake Breakfast:

Chairperson is responsible for securing Chris Cakes to come to school.  They arrange set up with the Principal and secure any volunteers needed.  Chair is responsible for making sure Chris Cakes is paid and tipped. There is the potential to include fruit or other breakfast options. Coordinate with Spirit Wear Chair to include spirit wear sales. Time Commitment: LOW except for day of the event.

PTO Website:

Chairperson posts updates on our PTO Website Page.  All website updates come through the Communication Request Form on the website. The Chair works with Chairs of any online registration events to make it easier to accept payments (can work with treasurer too).  The PTO agenda and minutes are posted on the website after edited by President and Secretary. Time Commitment: MEDIUM, especially leading up to special events. Updates can be done on your own schedule but are time sensitive in most cases so need to check emails frequently.

Room Parents:

Chair is responsible for giving Lead Room Parents information about setting up class party volunteers through sign-up genius on PTO website. Chair holds a meeting in the fall and goes over guidelines and responsibilities and provides necessary information to encourage safety and inclusion for all students.  Chair also can give the LRP a sample letter to send home about the optional class gifts.  Chair also responsible for updating PTO Room Parent Handbook as needed. Time Commitment: MEDIUM to HIGH at the beginning of the year, LOW for the rest of the year.

School Supply Sale:

Chair is responsible for arranging the online School Supply sale kits for students.  They work with the teachers to confirm their lists and preferred brands.  The sale dates and online link are posted on Facebook, Website, email, and letters home.  The Chair sets up the Back to School Event and volunteer helpers get kits to students (picked up at the event) or to the class (if they are not picked up).  The chair also gets the list of Prepaid PTO memberships purchased with the online supply kits to the Membership Chair.  Time Commitment: HIGH before school year starts and during event.

Skating Parties:

Chairperson is responsible for securing Skate Zone 71 school party and ice skating party. These typically occur on an early release day in the fall and winter. They arrange set up with the rinks and promote event on Facebook, Website, email, and letters home.  Chair is responsible for turning in invoice to PTO to pay vendors. Time Commitment: LOW.

Spirit Wear:

Chairperson is responsible for ordering various spirit wear items for students to be sold online and at school events.  They are responsible for arranging parent volunteers to assist in selling at events (Back to School, FFFN, Parent Night, Pancake Breakfast, etc.).  Chair is responsible for turning in receipts to pay vendors. Chair may use email, social media, etc. to advertise sales and items.  Spirit Wear is considered a small fundraiser, however, we pride ourselves to have a small mark up and make sure we have something for everyone.  Time Commitment: LOW to MEDIUM depending on inventory needs and selling opportunities.

Staff Services:

Chairs are in charge of Staff Events (Walk for Greensview fall luncheon, winter luncheon Administrative Assistant’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week).  Chairs coordinate all Parent Donations through sign-up genius and set up events.  Time Commitment: LOW

Student Directory: NEW

Chair works with district provided data to create an online directory through a service, such as Work for this committee would largely be done on a computer. Time Commitment: UNKNOWN to set up directory but LOW commitment to maintain.

Smart Sides: 

Chairperson is in charge of overseeing the Smart Sides Lunch Program.  They secure the parent volunteers, if needed, and food preparation schedule.  Time Commitment: LOW, involves being present once a month during the lunch hour.

UAEF Liaison:

Chair is in contact with UA Education Foundation (UAEF) in regards to grant writing/funds available, open opportunities for the school. Time Commitment: LOW

Walk for Greensview:

Chairs are responsible for organizing the fundraising event in the fall, may want to select an early release date.  They make all arrangements (schedule, Greensview items for kids (example: pedometer, water bottle, glasses, bag), incentives, decorations, etc.).  Chairs disperse the donation packets and information and are in charge of collecting, counting, and depositing with treasurer. Time Commitment: MEDIUM to HIGH at the beginning of the school year until completion of event tasks in late September.

Walking Club: 

Chairperson is in charge of overseeing the Walking Club Lunch Program.  They secure the parent volunteers (and schedule the volunteer days-Mon, Weds, Fri through sign-up genius).  If needed, Chair can order replacement charms/incentives and turn in the invoice to be paid to treasurer.  Time Commitment: LOW except when making the initial schedule.


Chair is responsible for compiling pictures from the year to design the school yearbook.  A link can be sent to parents and teachers to submit photographs.  The chairs work with the company (currently Lifetouch) to finalize the design. May decide to include Lion drawings and/or introduce a cover design competition. Time Commitment: LOW and then MEDIUM in early spring when yearbook is finalized.