Whistleblower and Conflict of Interest Contract

Greensview Elementary PTO 

Whistle Blowing Policy

If a member reasonably believes that some policy, practice, or activity of the Greensview Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is in violation of the law, a written complaint may be filed by that member with the President (or one of the Co-Presidents) of the PTO.

It is the intent of the Greensview Elementary School PTO to adhere to all laws and regulations that apply to the organization, and the underlying purpose of this policy is to support the organization’s goal of legal compliance.  The support of all members is necessary to achieving compliance with various laws and regulations.  A member is protected from retaliation only if the member brings the alleged unlawful activity, policy, or practice to the attention of the PTO President or the Executive Board and provides them with a reasonable opportunity to investigate and correct the alleged unlawful activity. The protection described below is only available to members that comply with this requirement.

The PTO will not retaliate against a member who, in good faith, has made a protest or raised a complaint against some practice of the PTO, or of another individual or entity with whom the PTO had a business relationship, on the basis of a reasonable belief that the practice is in violation of the law, or a rule, or a regulation or is in violation of a clear mandate or public policy concerning  health, safety, welfare or the protection of the environment.

Greensview Elementary PTO

Policies and Procedures for Conflict of Interest Issues and Vendor Interactions

The purpose of the following policies and procedures is to complement the Greensview Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) bylaws to prevent the personal interest of Executive Board members (Officers), committee chairs, and other volunteers from interfering with the performance of their duties to the PTO, or result in personal, financial, professional, or political gain on the part of such persons at the expense of the PTO or Greensview Elementary parents, staff, supporters, and students.

Definitions: Conflict of Interest (also Conflict) means a conflict, or the appearance of a conflict, between the private interests and official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust.  Persons in a position of trust include volunteers, committee chairs, Officers/Executive Board Members of the PTO and will heretofore be called Members.  Board means the Executive Board members.  Officer means an officer of the Executive Board.  Organization shall refer to any organization or business.

Conflict of Interest Policies and Procedures

  1.  Full disclosure, by notice in writing, shall be made by all officers, committee chairs and volunteers (all considered members) to the Board in all conflicts of interest, including but not limited to the following:
    1. An officer is related to another officer or staff member by blood, marriage or domestic partnership.
    2. A Member or their organization stands to benefit from a transaction or a staff member of such organization receives payment from the PTO for any subcontract, goods, or services other than as part of her/his regular job responsibilities or as reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred as provided in the bylaws and board policy.
    3. A special funding grant from the PTO is used to purchase a good or service from a Member’s organization.
    4. A Member of the PTO is a member of the governing body of a contributor to the PTO.

2.  Following full disclosure of a possible conflict of interest or any condition listed above, the Board shall determine whether a conflict of interest exists and, if so, the Board shall vote to authorize or reject the transaction or take any other action deemed necessary to address the conflict and protect the PTO’s best interests.  Both votes shall be by a majority vote without counting the vote of any interested officer.

3.  An interested Member shall not participate in any discussion or debate of the Board, or of any committee or subcommittee thereof in which the subject of discussion is a contract, transaction, or situation in which there may be a perceived or actual conflict of interest.  However, they may be present to provide clarifying information in such a discussion or debate unless objected to by any present Member.

4.  Anyone in a position to make decisions about spending the PTO’s resources (e.g., purchases, contracts, etc.), who also stands to benefit from that decision, has a duty to disclose that conflict as soon as it arises or becomes apparent.  S/he should not participate in any final decisions.

5.  A copy of this policy shall be given to all Members upon commencement of such person’s relationship with the PTO or at the official adoption of stated policy.  Each Member shall sign and date the policy and the “Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement” at the beginning of her/his term of service and each year thereafter.  Failure to sign does not nullify the policy.

6.  This policy and signed disclosure statements must be filed annually by all Members, and will be retained for two years.

Vendor Interactions

  1. The PTO Board and committee chairs shall re-evaluate at a minimum our vendors every 2-3 years where the PTO purchases goods valuing over $1,000.
  2. The use of school logos on spirit wear, clothing, or supply items will be in accordance with Upper Arlington district guidelines as to appropriate use.
  3. As a way to increase fundraising profits and purchasing power for the Greensview Elementary PTO, the Board and any committee chairs will aim to work with other UA school PTOs to maximize buying power through volume discounts.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement

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